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We do complete home inspections in and around Bethesda, MD including foundation inspection, plumbing inspection, HVAC inspection, and more!

If you’re looking for a reliable property inspection company you can trust, look no further than Broadneck Home Inspections. From chimneys to septic tanks, from roofs to foundations, and from HVAC to plumbing, we can handle it all. Our in house professional licensed inspector has over 20 years of experience as a contractor. So he knows what to look for as far as home inspections are concerned. He’s actually one of just a handful of home inspectors who have a background in construction. But overall, he has more extensive experience than many others. No wonder when it comes to home inspections, our name is synonymous to quality, reliability, and integrity.

Broadneck Home Inspections can handle all your property inspection needs in and around the following areas:

  • Bethesda, MD
  • Annapolis, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Upper Marlboro, MD
  • Rosedale, MD
  • Easton, MD

Is your roof going to last several more years? Are your drywalls still sturdy and warp-free? Is the foundation of your house uncompromised? Is the plumbing still in good shape? Do you have an updated HVAC system? Is the entire property still structurally sound? These are just a few questions most inspectors ask when doing their home inspections. But with our deep background in construction, we can even go further. We don’t just consider the overall quality of a house. We can even determine the quality of materials used and the quality of workmanship done. That’s something only truly experienced professionals can do. And this kind of specialized knowledge is just one of the many things that set Broadneck Home Inspections apart from the competition.

Foundation Inspection

foundation inspection upper malboro md

A house’s foundation is extremely important in determining its value. Even simple foundation work can be expensive. And if this is something that you miss whether you’re buying or selling a house, you’re just courting disaster. So it is important for someone who does foundation inspection to know what to look for and where to look.

Broadneck Home Inspections does foundation inspection better than anyone else. We know all the tell-tale signs of a weakened and compromised foundation. We know how to determine if a foundation needs work or not. And most importantly, we know how a foundation problem can be fixed. You see, foundation inspection is no joke. And we at Broadneck Home Inspections take this and every aspect of our job very seriously.

Plumbing Inspection

plumbing inspection easton md

Another important aspect of this job is plumbing inspection. Is the plumbing still working? Are there repaired pipes anywhere? Were these repairs properly done? Are any of the pipes rusted and corroded? Are there any leaks or clogs? As a home inspections company, we provide a thorough plumbing inspection as part of your services. You can rest assured that if ever there’s a hidden plumbing issue somewhere, Broadneck Home Inspections will be able to uncover it because of our meticulous plumbing inspection.

HVAC Inspection

hvac inspection rosedale md

Broadneck Home Inspections also does professional HVAC inspection better than any other company. Whatever the make and model or your air conditioning unit and heating system, we can handle it. We make sure we’re updated with the latest HVAC systems so we know how to properly conduct an HVAC inspection. Not only that, but we can also recommend how to fix problematic HVAC systems. Again, this is because of our extensive experience in home construction.

So whether you need HVAC inspection, plumbing inspection or foundation inspection, we got your covered. As long as you’re located in and around Bethesda, MD, Broadneck Home Inspections is ready to serve you. Call us for a quote today!

For more information on our services, please see our Home Inspectors Annapolis, MD page.


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Jessica Kobos
6/27/2019 - Google

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Greg Mason Avatar
Greg Mason
6/24/2019 - Google

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Clarissa Coughlin Avatar
Clarissa Coughlin
6/24/2019 - Google

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